Even though most of the garden has been put to bed during these winter months, we still have been able to keep busy with building projects and garden & event planning for 2023. Here’s a little update on what we’ve been working on!

If you’ve visited the Leicester Library recently, you may have noticed something BIG out in the garden! Greenhouses are able to stay up to 30° warmer than outside temperatures, which means we will be able to extend our harvests and grow fresh, nutritious food throughout the winter! Late last year we started construction on the greenhouse, and we are now wrapping up the project with securing plastic over the framing and installing doors on the ends. We have some hardy cabbage and Brussels sprouts that have managed to overwinter, but now with the greenhouse nearing completion, we will be able to transplant a variety of salad greens and other cool-weather crops in just a few short weeks!

The Leicester Volunteer Fire Department has graciously agreed to let the Leicester Library Giving Garden use approximately 10,000 square feet of their adjoining property to establish a community orchard. We recently met with Justin Holt, a permaculture designer from The Nutty Buddy Collective, to help us with the next steps in setting up the future orchard. After we get soil test results back, we will spend the next few months adding any necessary amendments and covering the entire area with wood chips (lots and lots of wood chips!) to build up the soil in preparation for a fall planting of various fruit & nut trees. Please contact us if you have wood chips to donate! We are so excited for this project that will bring food to our community for generations to come. Immense gratitude for the support of the LVFD, input from permaculture experts, and time & effort from the LLGG volunteers!

As the weather warms up, we will be posting more workday opportunities for those interested in getting outside and working in the gardens. With the success of our first garden party last June and the multiple workshops throughout the year, we are brainstorming new events to bring to the community for 2023. What kind of workshops, classes, or events would you like to see happening at the Leicester Library Giving Garden?

Cheers to a happy & healthy new year of recreation, education, and fresh fruits & veggies for our community!